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ForLinux in Nottinghamshire is an ICT business specialising in managed hosting and support solutions which deliver on-line availability, performance and security to businesses across a range of industry sectors. The company was founded in 2002 by husband and wife team Pat and Steve Nice, and is recognised in the industry as an expert provider.

Competitive advantage

Business Evolution was invited into ForLinux to support the company's high growth ambitions. Director Sarah Coleman worked with the business to improve three key areas: formal management of change, improving innovation and R&D, and developing a strong marketing strategy built on market intelligence and translated to clear sales and business development targets.

"There are two levels at which Business Evolution’s work will leave a positive legacy at ForLinux: a high level improvement in the way in which we acknowledge and address issues in the business, and specific improvements on particular existing issues" said Managing Director, Pat Nice. "A particular skill that we benefited from was Sarah’s ability to listen well to the different points the members of the Management Team were making, and to cut through to the core of our different views and concerns."

A key project was the identification and development of competitive advantage, along with the development of relevant key marketing messages. To enable this, Business Evolution led ForLinux through a review of competitors, markets and what their customers particularly value. "We have been able to benefit from Sarah's wide range of experience of different industries and business functions. This helped her to gain instant credibility. Little time was wasted in getting up to speed in different areas where we needed support. At no point have we felt that Sarah was dictating solutions to us. Instead she has been a trusted advisor, on our side at all times, able to help us to find our own solutions. She has demonstrated that she is able to engage with and help draw solutions out from all levels of the business. We appreciate her ability to communicate at all levels of the organization, and her ability to challenge to good effect."

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