Business Evolution - Focus. Clarity. Growth
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About us

Established in 2007, Business Evolution helps organizations invigorate their strategies and develop their capability to achieve a genuine, sustainable improvement in performance.

We earn plaudits from our clients for focusing on their aims and objectives, and for providing appropriate support which integrates well into the organization from board to the operational level.

Focus. Clarity. Growth.

Our strapline is shorthand for the service provided by Business Evolution. It conveys the process and the results experienced by our clients. It is the core of our service.

Our ethos

Our clients differ. They are different in their ambitions, and they are different in their circumstances. That means that there is no ‘one-size solution’ to fit all so we are not wedded to one set of theories or to a specific 'off the peg' solution. Instead, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and situation. This means that the shaping, design and delivery of any solution is appropriate and lands well, so our clients benefit from solutions which are specifically relevant to them.

Experience has shown us that this collaborative method of working is a much more effective way of shaping, developing and delivering solutions. At the same time, this allows our clients to structure and develop their own in-house capability for the future so allowing them to prosper not just in the immediate future, but long-term.

Our clients want to see a return on their investment, so we agree upfront methods of evaluation and success to ensure our work meets individual, team and organizational goals.

As a result we are seen as trusted, practical advisors. We are recognised and respected for our ability to constructively challenge, and the different perspectives we can present and which we have gained from working across different clients and different industry sectors.

Real business experience

Business Evolution has a wealth of real-world experience to draw from, gained working across industry sectors in different sizes and models of organizations. Our clients value these different perspectives, recognizing that our experience can help overcome their own issues and challenges.